How to publish a post using MS word


When publishing a blog for the first time

  1. Open word document that you wish to publish as blog post
  2. In the word document navigate to File > Share > Post to Blog then click a button “Post to Blog”

  3. Enter post Title in the newly created blog-version of your document

  4. Then in panel chose Blog Post > Publish

  5. In the dialog window “Register a Blog Account”, press “Register an Account”

  6. Then in drop down menu chose “WordPress” as your blog and press next

  7. Enter your blogpost url

  8. Register your blog account by entering your credentials (tick remember password for future posts)

  9. In the dialog window “Connect to INFONET”, enter your user name and password (tick remember password for future posts)


Publishing after registration

  1. Simply press Blog Post > Publish in the panel if you saved your password in the previous step 9)