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 This page includes codes developed by INFONET members.

This package includes SRC algorithm for BCI applications.

The algorithm is introduced in:

Younghak Shin, Seungchan Lee, Junho Lee and Heung-No Lee*,

Sparse representation-based classification scheme for motor imagery-based brain-computer interface systems,“

Journal of Neural Engineering, no. 9 (2012) 056002″. (pdf)

 (SRC algorithm)



This code is an implementation of collision avoidacne based on self-learning algorithm using LSTM introduced in the Master’s thesis:

Hyunjun Han, “Learning Through Experience. A Self-learning Collision Avoidance System”, 2018 (pdf)


Collision_avoidance algorithm

This package includes channel allocation algorithm for TVWS sharing applications.

The algorithm is introduced in:

M. asif raza, Zafar Iqbal, Sang-Seon Byun, Hyunduk Kang, Heung-No Lee, “A Versatile Coexistence Decision-Making System for Efficient TV Whitespace Sharing among Whitespace Objects.” Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing, Aug. 2017 (Impact Factor 1.899) (PDF)

Channel Allocation Algorithm

This package includes Evolutionary algorithm for channel sharing in TVWS applications.

The algorithm is introduced in:

Muhammad Asif Raza, Sangjun Park and Heung-No Lee, “Evolutionary Channel Sharing Algorithm for Heterogeneous Unlicensed Networks”. IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications., pp. 4378 – 4389, vol. 16, Issue 7, Apr. 2017. (PDF)

EvCo Algorithm

This package includes compromise detection and attack compensation algorithms in relay assisted cooperative wireless multiple access networks with two-phase transmission protocols.

This algorithm is introduced in:

Woong-Bi Lee and Heung-No Lee, “Disabling pollution attacks on cooperative wireless multiple access networks,”