Compressive Sensing

updated by Sangjun Park (2012. 12.27)

What is Compressed Sensing (CS)?


Compressed Sensing is one of the hottest topics in Signal Processing nowadays and it has revolutionized the way we acquire and process signals.


In the traditional sampling approach, sampling procedure and compression procedure are separately done.

However, Compressed Sensing combines  the two procedures. As a result, Compressed Sensing allows us directly acquire the compressed measurements.

Infonet Research Goals in Compressed Sensing

Application of CS theory to develop prototypes in new and diverse areas.

Fundamental theorems and limits in new branches of CS theory.

Design of efficient recovery algorithms merging ideas from signal processing, coding theory and computer science.

Presentation material:

  1. “Seeing through Computation”
  2. “Seeing Through Computation & Artificial Intelligence”

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