ADD project

EW 11 : A study on Communication Signal Characteristics and Recognition Algorithm

updated by JuSung Kang (2014.01.20)

◇ Research Purpose

– Extract the novel characteristics by analysing RF signals, and develop the new algorithm to classify the individual device.    

◇ Summary : In this project, we will analyse the Tx signal of wireless devices to extract the novel characteristic and develop the new classification algorithms to verify the individual device. Firstly, to do this, we will develop the signal processing techniques to get the exact RF signals. secondly we will do the research about the new characteristics of RF signals. And finally we will develop the new classification algorithm by using the new characteristics.    


◇ Possible application area

– ES(Electronic Warfare Support) devices

– Military communication devices

– Military communication management system including satellites

– Network security of military communication system

– Detector of illegal signals


EW 33 : A study on Adaptive Re-Configurable Anti-Jamming techniques Using Noise communication Techniques

updated by Jong-Mok Shin (2014.01.21.)

– Develop Adaptive Re-configurable Anti-Jamming techniques by using limited resources efficiently.

– Develop LPI(Low Probability Interception)/LPD(Low Probability Detection) for communication security





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