Application Group

September 2013

No Date Title Speaker Presentation Discussion
1 2013-09-10  Digital Image information encryption based on compressive sending and double random phase encoding technique Nitin Rawat  (pdf)
An image information encryption method based on compressive sensing and double random-phase encoding is proposed. Considering that natural image tends to be compressible in a transform domain, the characterstics of Compressive sensing, dimensional reduction and random projection, are utilized to sample or encrypt a digital image firstly. The double-encrypted information is dispersed and embedded into the host image. At the received terminal, original image information is reconstructed approximately via Orthogonal Matching Pursuit algorithm.
2 2013-09-24 Sparsity driven ultrasound imaging                      Jin-Taek      (pdf)
The framework involves the use of a physics-based forward model of the ultrasound observation process, the formulation of image formation as the solution of an associated optimization problem, and the solution of that problem through efficient numerical algorithms. The sparsity-driven, model-based approach estimates a complex-valued reflectivity field and preserves physical features in the scene while suppressing spurious artifacts. It also provides robust reconstructions in the case of sparse and reduced observation apertures.