Application Group

June 2013

No Date Title Speaker Presentation Discussion
1 2013-06-04  A cell-phone-based brain-computer interface for communication in daily life Soogil  (PDF)
 In this paper, their study aims to integrate a mobile and wireless electroencephalogram (EEG) system and a signal processing platform based on a cellphone into a wearable and wireless online BCI. They implemented and tested online signal processing methods in both time and frequency domains for detecting steady-state visual evoked potential (SSVEP). They study to demonstrate a portable, cost-effective and miniature cell-phone-based platform.
2 2013- 06-25  Supervised Machine Learning: A review of Classification Techniques  Evgenii (PPT)
Supervised machine learning is wildly used algorithm in different fields of science. This paper describes a basic idea of various supervised machine learning classification techniques. The author’s hope is to guide the researcher in interesting research directions and to give suggestion possible bias combinations that have yet to be explored.