Application Group

April 2013

No Date Title Speaker Presentation Discussion
1 2013-04-02 Optical brain monitoring for operator training and mental workload assessment Evgenii (PPF)  
    In this paper, we provide evidence from two studies that fNIR can be used in ecologically valid environments to assess the: 1)mental workload of operators performing standardized and complex cognitive tasks, and 2) development of expertise during practice of complex cognitive and visuomotor tasks (piloting unmanned air vehicles — UAV). Results indicate that fNIR measures are sensitive to mental task load and practice level, and provide evidence of the fNIR deployment in the field for its ability to monitor hemodynamic changes that are associated with relative cognitive workload changes of operators.
2 2013- 04-09 Direct recording of holograms by a CCD target and numerical reconstruction  Nitin (PDF)  
    In this paper, the principle of recording holograms directly on a CCD target is described. A real image of the object is reconstructed from the digitally sampled hologram by means of numerical methods.
3 2013-04-23 Localisation of cognitive tasks used in EEG-based BCIs Younghak     (PPT)  
    In this paper, to provide candidate electrode sites and neurophysiological reference information for cognitive tasks, six cognitive tasks were tested against the idle state. Cross subject candidate electrode sites were obtained via a wrapper method based upon a sequential forward floating search algorithm. Source localisation results were obtained using sLORETA software.
4 2013-04-30 Scanner-Free and Wide-Field Endoscopic Imaging by Using a Signle Multimode Optical Fiber Hwanchol (PDF)  
    In this letter, a method for eliminating the effect of mode dispersion and therefore realize wide-field endoscopic imaging by using only a single multimode fiber with no scanner attached to the fiber.