Application Group


March 2013

No Date Title Speaker Presentation Discussion
1 2013-03-19  Frequency Domain Compressive Sampling for Ultrasound Imaging Pavel  (pdf)  
    Conventional Ultrasound imaging systems rely on Shannon-Nyquist theorem. Often US devices use a sampling rate that is at least four times the central frequency. Consequently large amount of data should be processed in real time. Compressive sensing allows to reduce volume of data directly acquiring compressed signal. The purpose of this paper is to show mechanism involved in a successful CS reconstruction.
2 2013-03-26  Brain Computer Interface-Based Smart Living Environmental Auto-Adjustment Control System in UPnP Home Networking. Soogil  (pdf)  
     A brain computer interface-based smart living environmental auto-adjustment control system (BSLEACS) is proposed in this paper. They integrated the BCI technique with universal plug and play (UPnP) home networking for smart house applications. This system has advantages. The advantages of low power consumption and small volume of the above modules are suitable for smart house applications in daily life. BSLEACS provides a novel system prototype for environmental control.