Application Group

December 2012

No Date Title Speaker Presentation Discussion
7  2012-12-18 DASHER-An Efficient Writing System for Brain-Computer Interfaces? Soogil Woo   (pdf)  (pdf)
     In this paper, they introduced DASHER and DASHER as a BCI user interface. DASHER is a user interface for entering text using discrete or continuous gestures, e.g. a mouse, touchscreen, or eye-tracker. DASHER have advantages. The operation of DASHER is simple, and immediately evident to new users. Also, DASHER has a rapid learning rate that is comparable to alternative text entry methods. So, they propose that DASHER would be well-matched to the low bit-rate, noisy output obtained from brain-computer interfaces(BCI), and discuss the issues surrounding the use of DASHER with BCI systems. In conclusion, they think that DASHER will be equally useful to users who retain functioning vision but are limited to communication through a BCI.
6  2012-12-11 Brain-Computer Interface Using a Simplified Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy System Evgenii Kim  (pdf) (pdf)
     In this paper, principles, experiments and progress in harnessing simplified function near-infrared spectroscopic systems (fNIRS) as non-invasive instrumentation for brain-computer interfaces were described. The system based on detecting haemodynamic responses. Results show that fNIRS can support simple BCI functionality and shows much potential.
5 2012-12-04 Gaming control using a wearable and wireless EEG-based brain-computer interface device with novel dry foam-based sensors SeungChan Lee (pdf)  (pdf)
     In this paper, they introduced a wearable, wireless and portable EEG-based BCI device with dry foam-based EEG sensors. Using this device, they demonstrated the game control application. This game application was controlled by real-time cognitive stage detection algorithm. The result of this study indicate that a portable wireless BCI device is conveniently and effectively control the application and the developed dry sensor also provided a good quality of EEG signals.