Communications Engineering

This is a web-page of Communications Engineering at GIST.

Here are the three “best” reports I have selected for year 2014. The word “best” here does not mean that they are perfect in every aspects. They can be improved in many areas, see below. But given the amount of time and information provided within the course, they achieved the gratest marks and can be serve examplary purposes for students who wish to excel. I put them here with the students’ consents so we all can learn.

What these reports do:

1. Explain

2. Illustrate

3. Verify

4. Report


* Jeongbong Han (CE_Han.pdf)

* Donghoon Ryu (CE_DonghoonRyu.pdf)

* Dooho Kim (CE_Dooho_Kim.pdf)


A couple of things that can be added so that these reports can be improved:

1. Add frequency-domain plots

2. Draw P(e) vs. SNR or P(e) vs. Eb/No in log-log scale

3. Add how SNR or Eb/No is calculated

4. Compare MATLAB simulation results with the theoretical results, such as P(e), Signal Power, Noise power, Frequency bandwidth, Fourier transform, Power Spectral Density, etc. that you have learned in the course.