Information and System Group

November 2013

 1 2013-11-18 Missing-Area Reconstruction in Multispectral Images Under a Compressive Sensing Perspective  Hyeonghobaek  (DOC)
 The intent of this paper is to propose new methods for the reconstruction of areas obscured by clods. They are based on compressive sensing theory, which allows finding sparse signal representations in underdetermined linear equation systems.
 2 2013-11-25 Power and Channel Allocation for Cooperative Relay in Cognitive Radio Networks Muhammad asif (DOC)
 In this paper authors mention that cognitive radio relay channels can be divided into three categories: direct, dual-hop, and relay channels. The relay node involves both dual-hop and relay diversity transmission. They develop power and channel allocation approaches for cooperative relay networks. They also develop a low complexity approach that can obtain most of the benefits from power and channel allocation with minor performance loss.