Information and System Group

March 2013

No Date Title Speaker Presentation Discussion
1 2013-03-21 Scaling Up MIMO: Opportunities and challenges with very large arrays Woongbi  (PDF)
Very large MIMO systems, also known as massive MIMO, multiuser MIMO systems, or large-scale antennas systems is an emerging research area in antenna systems, electronics, and wireless communication systems. A base station with an antenna array serves a multiplicity of single-antenna terminals. In this presentation, the fundamental principle of massive MIMO technology and several issues are introduced.
2 2013-03-28  Shrinkage methods to linear regression problems Jaewook  (PDF)  (PDF)
In this chapter, we are interested in the linear regression with shrinkage methods. The shrinkage method have got attention to solve the problem of linear systems y=Ax because the method provides very flexible solver from dense signals to sparse signals. First, we will introduce basic concept of two shrinkage methods in the linear regression, Ridge and Lasso. Then, we move the focus to sparse recovery with Lasso and its variants for different problem setting such as Fused lasso and Elastic net.