Information and System Group

March 2015

1 2015-03-23  Cooperative Spectrum Access Towards Secure
Information Transfer for CRNs
Encryption at upper layers becomes challenging for a network without infrastructure. Moreover, the encryption algorithms could be compromised. An alternative way for enhancing the security is to use physical layer security, or information-theoretic security by protecting the transmitted signal from being received or decoded by the eavesdroppers. In this paper authors make use of it to introduce a cooperative spectrum access for secure information transfer in CRNs. They show that security of the PU’s information is enhanced using SUs meanwhile SUs in reward get fair opportunity to access channel for their own information transfer.
2 2015-03-30 Specific emitter identification based on Hilbert-Huang transform-based time-frequency-energy distribution features Jusung Kang
In this paper, a novel specific emitter identification method is proposed. The time-frequency-energy distribution of transient signal is obtained by Hilbert-Huang transform (HHT). The phase based method and self-adaptive threshold based on the HHT is used to extract the transient signal. After that, PCA and SVM is used for classification. 8 mobile phones are used to evaluate the performance of this proposed method.The result said that this proposed method is more useful than other RF fingerprint method based on amplitude, phase, frequency, and energy envelop. Also they said that this method could be applicable for any security issues of wireless network.