Information and System Group

August 2014

2 2014-08-26 Compressive Sensing for Sparse Touch Detector on Capacitive Touch Screens Haeung Choi  Journal_Haeung_140826  
Improved touch screen responsiveness and resolution can be achieved at the expense of the touch screen controller analog hardware complexity and power consumption. This paper proposes an alternative compressive sensing based approach to exploit the sparsity of simultaneous touches with respect to the number of sensor nodes to achieve similar levels of responsiveness. It is possible to reduce the analog data acquisitions complexity at the cost of extra digital computations with less total power consumption
1 2014-08-05 Compressed Sensing Based Fingerprint Identification for Wireless Transmitters JuSung Kang (DOC)  

This paper proposes a new method to identify different wireless transmitters based on compressed sensing. A data acquisition system is designed to capture the wireless transmitter signals. Complex analytical wavelet transform is used to obtain the envelope of the transient signal, and the corresponding features are extracted by using the compressed sensing theory. Feature selection utilizing minimumredundancy maximumrelevance (mRMR) is employed to obtain the optimal feature subsets for identification.

The results show that the proposed method is more efficient for the identification of wireless transmitters with similar transient waveforms.