Ph.D. Dissertations

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1. Jin-Taek Seong, “Inverse Problems of Compressed Sensing and Cooperative Networks over Finite Fields, Ph.D., Aug. 2014. (pdf)

Master Theses

12. Giljun Jung, “MyData Blockchain.” Master Thesis, Aug. 2019 (pdf)

11. Kiwon Yang, “Digital Walkie-TAlkie Identification scheme based on Sparse Representation with Multiple features”. Master Thesis, Feb. 2019 (pdf) (Presentation)

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1. Hyeong-Won Jeon, “Network Coding for Multiple Sensor Networks on Underwater Acoustic Channels”, master thesis, 2012. (pdf)

Bachelor Theses

1. Seokju Kim, “Understanding blockchain technology and Applications: A review”, bachelor thesis, 2019. (pdf)