Recent Talks

  • Heung-No Lee (이흥노 교수), “Blockchain Economy”, 국립 목표대학교. Nov. 20th, 2019. (pdf)
  • Heung-No Lee (이흥노 교수), “Future of Blockchain and Global Economy”, 광주 테크노파크. Sep. 2nd, 2019. (pdf)
  • Heung-No Lee (이흥노 교수), “BTC is a Bubble Buster,” General Public Seminar at Bank of Korea, May 31st, 2019. Lecture at General Public Seminar at Bank of Korea May 31st 2019   (강의 비데오)
  • Heung-No Lee (이흥노 교수), “DeSecure Blockchains,” IEIE Workshop at Seoul, June 27th, 2019.(pdf presentation file)

Blockchain Internet Economy Research Center

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센터장 : 이흥노 (heungno[at], +82-062-715-2237)

Demo Video:

The aim of this demo is show that our blockchain consensus mechanism is working properly. A suite of codes implementing the consensus mechanism is written in python and Flask language.

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