Blockchain K-Mooc Course

Dear Blockchain learners and enthusiasts,

This is a Korean MooC course materials I have worked out this summer.

The lecture notes are available. The video is being made and soon be released.



Oct. 31st, 2019.

Blockchain and Future Society (Lecture Note) YouTube Video

For the introduction, please see Blockchain and Future Society module.

The 1st  Module: Introduction to Bitcoin without Cryptography

  1. Bitcoin Abstract
  2. Blockchain, Minting, Seigniorage
  3. Block Heigh, Minting Schedule
  4. Genesis Block and Current Blocks


[교안] 블록체인과 미래사회_02_v4.0_190905

The 2nd Module: Introduction to Bitcoin with Cryptography (1)

  1. Value Transfer over Internet
  2. Satoshi Nakamoto Cryptography Mailing List
  3. Brief History of Bitcoin


[교안] 블록체인과 미래사회_03_v3.0_190905

The 3rd Module: Introduction to Bitcoin with Cryptography (2)

  1. How to Put Signature to a message
  2. Secure Hash Function


[교안] 블록체인과 미래사회_04_v3.0_190906

The 4th Module: PoW Success Probability and Al-IM-To-Po Theory

  1. Need for Proof-of-Work (PoW)
  2. PoW Puzzles
  3. Difficulty Level of Puzzles
  4. Probability of Mining Success
  5. Al-IM-To-Po Theory


[교안] 블록체인과 미래사회_05_v5.0_190917

The 5th Module: Bitcoin Difficulty Adjustment and Block Generation Speed

  1. Bitcoin Difficulty
  2. History of Bitcoin Difficulty
  3. Geometric vs. Exponential Distribution
  4. Block Generation Speed
  5. Double Spending Attack Possibility
  6. Data Immutability


[교안] 블록체인과 미래사회_06_v6.0_190917

The 6th Module: Bitcoin White Paper I

  1. Transactions
  2. Time-Stamp Server • Estonian Blockchain • Proof-of-Work


[교안] 블록체인과 미래사회_07_v5.0_190917

The 7th Module: Bitcoin White Paper II

  1. Network
  2. Blockchain Scalability
  3. Block Header
  4. Consensus
  5. Payment and Change
  6. Privacy


[교안] 블록체인과 미래사회_08_v3.0_190918

The 8th Module: Double Spending Attack Analysis

  1. Attacker vs Honest Nodes
  2. From Hash Rate Ratio to Mining Probabilities
  3. Number of Blocks Minded during an Interval is Poisson
  4. Double Spending Attack
  5. Gambler’s Ruin Problem
  6. Attack Success Probability


[교안] 블록체인과 미래사회_09_v5.0_190926

The 9th Module: Bitcoin Networks and Altcoins

  1. Bitcoin Networks
  2. Pre-cursors to Bitcoin
  3. Proof of Work-the Monopoly Problem
  4. Proof of X schemes
  5. Summary of Altcoins


[교안] 블록체인과 미래사회_10_v3.0_191008

The 10th Module: Addresses, Signs and Transactions

  1. Mastering Bitcoin
  2. Elliptic Curve Signatures
  3. Bitcoin Addresses
  4. Unspent Transaction Outputs (UTXOs)


[교안] 블록체인과 미래사회_11_v3.0_191008

The 11th Module: Bitcoin Scripts

  1. Bitcoin Script
  2. Tables of OP Codes
  3. Easy Script
  4. Pay-to-Public Key Hash (P2PKH) Script
  5. Multisignature and Smart Contracts Scripts


[교안] 블록체인과 미래사회_12_v3.0_191021 최종  

The 12th Module: Blockchain Python Programming

  1. Blockchain Core
  2. Program Package
  3. Python Blockchain Core


[교안] 블록체인과 미래사회_13_v3.0_191021 최종_영상삽입본

The 13th Module: Playing with Our Small Blockchain Network

  1. Running and Testing Blockchain API
  2. Blockchain Internet
  3. Six Node Blockchain Network



[교안] 블록체인과 미래사회_14_v4.0_191025 최종

The 14th Module: Scalable DeSecure ECCPoW Blockchains

  1. Bitcoin and Ethereum
  2. Problems of PoW
  3. Trilemma vs. DeSecure Strategy
  4. DeSecure Blockchains
  5. ECCPoW
  6. Open Source DeSecure Project
  7. Impact of DeSecure Blockchains



DeSecure is Open Project.

  1. Project Web-Site:
  2. BTC-ECC Github:
  3. ETH-ECC:
  4. DeSecure Blockchain 관련 논문
  6. BTC-ECC explorers
    – BTC-ECC test explorer(Started on Nov, 25th, 2019 / 20 nodes / BGT : 2min) :
    – BTC-ECC test explorer(Started on Dec, 1th, 2019 / 20 nodes / BGT : 1min) :
    * BGT : Block Generation target TimeAll notes you can download in a single file:

Blockchain Lecture 2 ~ 14[교안] 블록체인과 미래사회_02_v4.0_190905